Updating firmware sony bdp s300 older women single dating

they work on my OLD sony standard dvd player, my computer (both desktop and laptop) so i know the burns are good.

am i just out of luck that this 3 year old blu ray player is being stubborn or what? Burn at less than full rated speed and use verification.

After installing the update user will need to reconfigure the player.

On occasion, I've also done ISO compares and sometimes it will show mis-compares on a successfully verified disc, and sometimes a disc that failed verification may pass the ISO compare. What I'm getting at is yes, the firmware update perhaps affected the ability of the Sony to recognize burned DVDs. After all, *some* of your discs are still getting recognized.

Newer burns failing on known good discs raise suspicions that the problem is with the old burner.

now, the wedding dvd and the most recent ripped dvd reads "cannot play disc".

if i put in a non ripped dvd or an older rip using a batch of taiyo yuden discs, there's no problem and the movies play fine.

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