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So to help you sort through the madness, here is one Miami native’s guide to its most walkable areas: As the city’s core metropolis and financial district, Brickell and Downtown is where the magic happens.It’s a mecca of high-rises and well-dressed men who have nailed the art of the “hair flip.” Expect a flurry of executive lunches and lawyers who can speed walk in stilettos without tripping.It is 15 blocks of gentrified real estate turned into the real life storefronts of every woman’s dream closet: Think .Embracing a bit of all of its neighbors, Midtown is a slightly more polished Wynwood, without the corporate feel of Miami’s financial district.We will get to experience the first kicks and the heartbeats.” As embryo donation becomes more common, more and more people will grasp at this hope.

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They will never know the people whose genes are contained in the embryos, which were donated anonymously and have been frozen since 2011.When it works, a donation can solve two problems at once.It helps people who ended up with extra embryos from IVF cycles find a home for them, rather than discarding the embryos altogether.“We have our frozen kiddos out in Reno waiting on us,” Daman tells me.“It’s absolutely amazing how good having hope again feels.

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