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Once only an artist frequently featured in songs, Rick Ross stepped up into the spotlight as the lead man. During the '90s, Roberts formed a rapping group called Carol City Cartel that later on led him to being signed to a small label Suave House Records that was also the home of 8Ball & MJG.

The Haitian rapper was born William Roberts on January 28, 1977 and raised in the impoverished area of Carol City, Florida. It was, however, beyond his expectation that Slip-n-Slide Records also took notice of his talent and signed him immediately.

Don't lie to me I'm a hot commodity [x2] Mirror, mirror on the wall Who is the baddest of them all?

There was a rubble tubble 5 minutes it lasted You the bitch in the flyest fashions [Verse 1: Rick Ross] Pull up to the crib, park on the grass The boy so trill, spark up the grass She's so real with all kinds of ass And 6 inch heels with LV bags The g's in the G's So G's on the g's She's so high class I need nor steeze Cover girl centerfold (fold) got me spendin doe (doe) I ain't trippin tho Cause ya boy dealin dope (dope) Before I heard, I didn't kiss to much (naw) But right now I need a bitch to crush (come here) Crib so plush (plush) Bitch don't blush (blush) 20 stacks outta town Just yo luck (boss) Cause up in that pussy feel better than the lottery Don't lie to me yeah you a hot commodity Six figures I give ya just to ride with me (ride) Why fly coach?

Trina, who's also known as the “Diamond Princess” and “Queen of Miami,” quickly flips through one of the many racks of leather and lace and mesh and fishnet and, seeing nothing that strikes her eye, moves on to the next rack of similar underwear-styled outerwear.

Trina, an unsung heroine of American rap and its self-anointed "baddest b*tch," shops for the music video shoot for her new single "Money Ain't a Problem," a track in which she rhymes about giving her enemies bird flu and "shopping till my feet hurt." She's a local staple in this city and has shot peers such as Rick Ross to global fame, but elsewhere she remains relatively unknown.

C., NY to Chi Town Quick stop in New Orleans and damn near drowned (ugh) But a bitch so fly I don't need no flight I live in tha sky Deal with big money Can you deal with a dime?

I'm lookin in ya eyes, betta not tell a lie [Chorus:] Cause up in this pussy feel better than the lottery Don't lie to me I'm a hot commodity Six figures from a nigga cause he got to be Don't lie to me; I'm what you try to be Mirror, mirror on the wall Who is the baddest of them all?

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Trina was a social butterfly, “always the leader,” and a natural entertainer, says her sister, Laura Kemp.Though Trina is a well-respected artist in her own right, she has arguably never obtained the mainstream recognition long received by her male counterparts in the Miami and national rap scenes.female rapper and, in a cruel irony, as an accessory to some of the men whose careers she has helped shape.Perhaps worse for her career, the steps she has taken to compete in this climate—being the baddest and nastiest and maybe the most sexed-up lady dropping rhymes, rather than a nuanced lyricist—might have hamstrung her ascent as an artist.A recent NPR essay even quipped that Trina is “more than willing to oblige” the stereotype.At Benihana Miami Beach, an outpost of the Japanese restaurant chain that had its heyday several decades ago, but still seems popular for loud children’s birthday parties, a tired Trina and her friends try to get a table.

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