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However, after this age a child who has committed a serious crime is tried as an adult.Education There is a difference between the two republics regarding the age that schooling begins.Children in the Republic of Cyprus have free access to school after 3 or 4 years of age whereas the Turkish Republic only offers free access to education to children between the ages of 6 and 15.Refugee children The Greek zone allows refugee status.When in 1974, Greece attempted a coup to annex the island, Turkey intervened militarily and occupied the northern part.Since this intervention, Cyprus is divided into two separate entities split by the “green line” that completely crosses the island.According to this document, a child can work from the age of 15 but he or she may not perform any job that is hazardous to his or her health.However, children from the age of 11 may work after school and during school vacations in family businesses.

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Additionally, alcohol consumption plays a large part in Greek Cypriot culture and children are among the more frequent drinkers.

Since the government is unable to eradicate child labor, they must categorize it so children may work in respectable conditions, with breaks and a salary.

So, the Committee for Children’s Rights recommended that the country ratify convention 189 regarding the protection of domestic workers and to pay more attention to the needs of child workers.

However, while the requests for exile are being examined, the children are considered illegal immigrants.

This status means that they cannot benefit from any aid or legal assistance.

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