Mixed race muslim dating

Is that why she degraded herself by marrying a ________?

Expect people to stare at you as though you have five heads and just landed from the UFO that came from Mars. Sometimes some people may think to themselves, or even come up to you and ask, “Couldn’t she find a person within her culture?

Convincing Your Parents Some of us are blessed with parents who have knowledge of the deen. Some parents are stuck with the old ideology that one should marry within the race as opposed to ruining their “pure” (insert appropriate ethnicity) bloodline.

This sounds more like Hitler’s logic in that he did not want the “superior” ethnicity to be lowered through marriage to someone of an “inferior” culture.

Deen Comes First In Islam, we are all equal to each other except for those who have a higher level of taqwa (faith in Allah). We should not be preoccupied with how a person looks or how much money s/he makes per month.

As such, a man should not discriminate against a potential spouse because she is from a different country, has fewer (or a greater number of) degrees than him, or if she is not as wealthy or as beautiful as he wishes her to be. Beauty is important as you must be able to feel some sort of attraction to your partner.

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