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An hour-long special titled "All This and Gargantua-2" aired January 19, 2015, as a precursor to season 6, although the Adult Swim website's video on demand section considers the episode to be the first episode of season 6.In January 2016 the sixth season, consisting of eight episodes, began airing and being made available on various digital platforms on consecutive Sunday evenings.The Monarch captures the Ventures, but when Dean suddenly begins to suffer acute testicular torsion he is bound by the laws of the Guild of Calamitous Intent to grant them a reprieve. Venture operate on Dean, while The Monarch holds Hank and Brock as collateral. The kidnapper turns out to be a robot, the real Mike Sorayama having died some time ago. Girlfriend have a bitter breakup, and she returns to her former lover Phantom Limb. Venture gives him the X-2 and their father's facility on Spider-Skull Island.Dean recovers, but Hank eventually suffers the same ailment. Venture holds a large tag sale to raise income by selling off assorted inventions and equipment, an event which attracts many scientists and supervillains. When The Monarch drunkenly attempts to win her back, Phantom Limb frames him for the murder of a police officer and The Monarch goes to trial. Venture has surgery to remove a tumor from his abdomen. Venture's twin brother, who has been living inside him since being devoured while the two were still in the womb. The family recovers Hank and Dean, but they are accidentally killed by Monarch Henchmen 21 and 24. Orpheus blames himself for Hank and Dean's deaths, and is appalled to learn that Dr. Girlfriend from Phantom Limb at a shopping mall where the Venture family also happens to be. Venture is captured by The Monarch while Brock is taken by Phantom Limb, who mistakenly believes that The Monarch has kidnapped Dr. He and Brock ally to confront The Monarch at his cocoon base, while Dr.When the Gargantua-1 space station crashes on a group of terrorists, Colonel Bud Manstrong becomes a national hero but is haunted by the death of Lieutenant Anna Baldavich in the crash. However, Phantom Limb defies the orders of the Guild of Calamitous Intent and launches an attack on the wedding, demanding the return of Dr. Brock leads The Monarch's henchmen in battle against Phantom Limb's forces, while Dean has a fantasy adventure that results in him shutting down the cocoon's engines. Captain Sunshine rushes home from his news anchor gig to find the Monarch, who he believes to be immune to his powers in Wonder Boy's costume.The Venture family stays at the White House for a state dinner in Bud's honor, where Hank and Dean are informed by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln that Bud's mind is being controlled by his mother through a microchip as part of a plan to assassinate the President. The battle ends when The Monarch's escape cocoon crashes into Phantom Limb's ship. Girlfriend are interrogated by the Guild of Calamitous Intent, revealing how they met: Dr. face off, both believing the other to be under Brock's employ. Venture have an argument as to who has done worse things, until Hank says that they should use his "Christmas presents" (the clone slugs) to stop the fight. The Monarch uses the device his wife made to kill Sunshine, but it actually re-energizes him, and he defeats the Monarch.

Hank becomes enamored with Molotov and tries to kill his father after accidentally drugging himself. Orpheus is unable to shrink himself despite consultation with his otherworldly Master.

Jealous over the number of applicants for the position, Dr. The doctors try to say there are simply no other medical units available, but he escapes with H. Sunshine's butler seems to believe something is up and walks Hank through the motions of being the new Wonder Boy, who seems it odd that Captain Sunshine does not fight crime at night or with his former team.

Venture baits them into a battle by displaying his "walking eye". P.e R's bomb goes off, taking Henchman 24's life in the process. However, he does work as a local news anchor with all of his former teammates.

They mount a rescue for Dean but are too late to prevent the wedding. Sergeant Hatred is administered a chemical before being re-recruited into O. Brock makes his way to Macaronesia to see the doctor who operated on Gathers to remove H. In the end, Hank, now with longer hair and wearing Brock's old jacket, and Sergeant Hatred hold up sniping positions to save Dr. The Monarch attempts to hold Hank and Dean for ransom, but his plan is foiled by the arrival of Monarch's old enemy Captain Sunshine, who takes Hank away before the Monarch's plans can come to fruition.

However, when Dean's sex is revealed, Ünderbheit is arrested for violating his own law against same-sex marriage and is exiled from Ünderland, which becomes a democracy. Orpheus for an arch-nemesis, prompting him to reform his old team, the Order of the Triad, with Jefferson Twilight and The Alchemist. Hank, who is upset at his father and claims he has no father, is recruited by Captain Sunshine to be his new Wonder Boy.

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