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If you treat Shark Chan nicely, you acquire "balls" which you can use in a mini game at the end.In order to sleep with Shark Chan at the end of the game, you need to score 180 points in a ping-pong-esque mini game.

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You are supposed to find talking fish, but when you dive down to the wreckage, you end up meeting a talking great white shark named Shark Chan!

When you make your dad persona (aka Dadsona) you have the option to chose binding or not, indicating that your dadsona is transgender.

There is also a confirmed character who is transgender within the game- Damien!

Although the story has some issues it does touch upon ideas about fatherhood and responsibility within its silly and charming exterior.

Since You can buy Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator from Steam for £10.99You and your daughter, Amanda, have moved to the quiet seaside town of Maple Bay where after attending a friendly neighborhood BBQ everyone you meet is a single hot daddy, what a surprise!

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