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Points can be redeemed for hotels and flights with no blackout dates.

After booking a certain number of hotel nights or reach a spend threshold, you reach Expedia “Elite Plus” Status.

The latest stylish winner will go on a menswear shopping spree with a 0 gift card at cool guy outfitter Need Supply Co.! Need Supply Co.’s site lets you know they really t about what to sell from each brand they work with.

One of my biggest “ughhhhs” about shopping online is that it can be hard to drill down to what you actually want, especially with bigger retailers that carry a wide variety of brands.

We like to see smiles, everrrrything you’re wearing, and of course, the breakdown on your whole look.

Get your pics in to megan (at) stylegirlfriend(dot) com by Thursday at noon EST!

Speaking of the brands they carry, they’re pretty freakin’ great.

By now, you know the rules, but I’m nothing if not a sucker for the sound of my own typing, so I’ll repeat myself here.And to preempt you…I know there’ll be some who say for a bottle of juice is expensive, but certain coffee drinks (ones that are the opposite of good for you) can creep upwards of an Abraham Lincoln, and if you’re going to buy a coffee , you may as well go with a one-and-done option for the same amount that leaves you satisfied, while investing in your health. Lunch My pals over at The Infatuation recommended Son of a Gun, from the folks behind cool kid restaurant Animal, as a great option for a work lunch date. The food was elevated bar fare and every waitress looked like she was waiting on a callback from for a three-episode arc.Since I basically eat whatever they tell me to, I was sold. We were also given the hard sell (well, as hard as anyone does anything in LA) on the restaurant’s filtered in-house water.Drinks Give me a bartender who will whip you something up based on your mood every time I talk LA geography), the suites-only hotel is perfect for staying close to – but not right in the middle of – the action.Expedia Rewards is a free customer loyalty program, with members earning points when booking on

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