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Property seized included nearly 50,000 euros in cash, £1,600, 0, five vehicles, a dozen luxury watches (six of them Rolex) and 'a great amount' of drugs.

The 13 victims freed were mainly from Bulgaria, the EU's poorest country, where they were deliberately captured in the poor areas with promises of a better life but were then brought to Spain to work as prostitutes and thieves 24 hours around the clock.'The women were only ordered to do this on their arrival and if they refused, they were threatened with violence and threats made against their families and children back in Bulgaria,' said the spokesman.

It is believed the network had been operating on the Costa del Sol for at least six years and had caused great alarm in the holiday zone but particularly the upmarket marina area of Puerto Banús.

The vast sums of money gained by the gang were used to buy top-of-the-range cars, with cash in small amounts also being sent back to Bulgaria on a regular basis.The operation led to the arrests of 34 suspected members of the gang and the 'liberation' of 13 women who were forced to prostitute themselves and steal from wealthy tourists, police said in a statement.Officials have released images of the haul of valuables that the women were forced to steal from tourists while they were in their brothels, including Rolex watches and thousands in cash from varying currencies.In Malaga alone, 21 properties were raided and a further 15 in Bulgaria.Six properties have been seized, together with 18 luxury cars.

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