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For the photographs, Mitchell used fishnet stockings, a no-frills blue dress and a pair of aptly named Public Desire clear plastic boots (aka glass slippers) as props.In some photos, she places herself in an ambiguous, attic-like space, confined like the Cinder girl.Of the hundreds, Mitchell reports, she put only 10 into play on her dating profiles.The piece speaks to the often funny, vulnerable and embarrassing reality of self-creation and curation when one is looking for love."Twenty percent of [their] profile is a fish," Mitchell comments, "which says, Love me with this fish.He comes with the fish." In some parts of Vermont, Burlington included, setting one's Tinder distance preferences to the maximum 100-mile radius means getting "access" to site members in Montréal.

Okay, before I approach him, let me put this phone away.Vermont Tinder is rampant with those images, Mitchell says — as if fishing were a de rigueur display of manliness here.A cluster of heart-shaped brass frames within "Photo Friendly" offers up such fishy screenshots.Vermont users are no doubt familiar with seeing their faces in Tinder's graphic epicenter accompanied by the text "There's no one new around you." Mitchell has placed her own small screenshot within the multiphoto frame.Urban women are less likely to see that message — or so many photos of men posing with fish.

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