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The couple separated last year, but are rumoured to have reunited."Love is such an objective thing," she says, in a suitably vague answer to a necessarily vague question about love. It's chemistry." Either way, if she's in love when we meet, there is no ring on her finger."It was great to be able to walk around the city on days off.And it's so rare to be able to shoot in the real locations.

"If you're getting ready to do a really emotional scene then, right before it, you're probably not going to be outside playing basketball," she shrugs.

When we meet in New York, where the film is set, a blizzard is raging outside the hotel window.

Like Pattinson, she seems embarrassed about her success, shrugging off compliments and rolling her eyes at talk of fans and paparazzi.

But she got it right from the beginning, so it was easy." De Ravin agrees that the best preparation was getting to know each other.

"Our relationship in the film is intense," she nods.

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