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Fields have got larger over the years and the few remnant hedgerows at Castleton have now gone.At Bonnington, one and half miles of new hedgerows of native species were planted in the 1970s as well as 1000 sycamores'.They are attracted to winter cereals in the autumn where they may cause some damage but are not regarded as a serious problem.At Castleton the very large flocks of wood pigeons that used to be of concern have largely gone.At the end of the war, there was a chronic shortage of council houses for rent and this was perhaps one of the most serious problems.

Partridges have also declined greatly though they are still present in small numbers on both farms where set-aside has probably helped.

The town had long been attractive to retirees, and from the late 1980s development here was directed towards attracting new residents from Edinburgh and beyond.

The result has been an increase of the building of modern houses targeted at the upper end of the housing market.

For instance, in the schools, for a short time slates were again brought into use to save paper.

A number of male teachers were still serving in the armed forces so several over-age teachers remained on the staff.

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