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It was an elegant and formal look, setting her apart from the sea of dresses.The star has been vocal about the empowering reasons she wears pantsuits on the red carpet and it appears she is 100 percent dedicated to this cause, now and forever.While under Maryann’s influence his mother (Dale Raoul) reveals that Hoyt’s father did not die bravely, fighting off a burglar, but took his own life. This knowledge may permanently destroy his relationship with her (good riddance, I say).And the desire to keep his mother safe from an imaginary burglar is what kept Hoyt from going to college, leaving home or having a life of his own. There were other examples of the knowledge/ignorance theme in the finale.Are you keeping up with Evan Rachel Wood's love for pantsuits? Evan, who was nominated in the lead actress in a drama category for Westworld, walked the 2017 Emmys red carpet in a Jeremy Scott For Moschino white suit.The three-piece ensemble was composed of a structured cropped vest, corset-like top, and flared trousers.

with Jesse Eisenberg, so we can only assume it's this film we can blame. And speaking of Lil Lex Luthor, Alexander is far from the first actor to go bald for the biz…CLICK HERE to view "Celebs Who've Shaved Their Heads For Roles!" CLICK HERE to view "Celebs Who've Shaved Their Heads For Roles!First of all, I never caught why people called him Eggs [note: since posting this I have been schooled: Eggs is a play on his real name, Benedict].Also, his relationship with Tara (Rutina Wesley) always seemed somewhat artificial to me — created under and perpetuated by Maryanne’s spell. Eggs and Tara, in happier times " data-medium-file="https://judgmentalobserver.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/large_trueblood-tara-egg.jpg?

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