Dating spots in nyc

310 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10014 212-924-2711 The intimate, stone-lined, wood-beamed rooms of The Place are a conversation friendly setting for any manner of romantic evening.An outdoor terrace and indoor fireplace offers diners the opportunity to stay awhile, regardless of the season or weather, with the menu constructed from only the freshest, hand picked market ingredients.With an exposed brick-lined front bar (and Eiffel Tower-esque metal trellis), open kitchen, and back dining room warmed by a romantic stone fireplace, this is one restaurant where sitting on the same side of the booth won't be met with eye rolls.With decor for all stages of a relationship, Milk and Roses in Greenpoint is fit for both a cozy dinner to celebrate a double digit anniversary and a delightful first date.Head to the candle-lit bookshelf-lined indoor restaurant for a night of serious romance or try the fairy-light covered outdoor garden (which also serves as a wedding venue in warmer weather for a more casual—though no less charming—experience.Regardless of where you're seated, take advantage indulgent menu options like the chicken liver pate, served with mission figs, and the duck served with golden faro and dried red currant.365 West 51st Street, New York, NY 10018 212-541-9241 At this South African wine bar (meaning “shy shy”), African masks peer down from the walls, sanded-wood columns reach up to the ceiling, and clumps of driftwood rest in the corners.The corner booths, under dim lighting, are where you’ll want to spend a romantic evening with a date.

Share the spicy lobster chili, served with Texas toast to soak up the broth, or the rich chicken under a brick (since it's a special occasion, splurge on the shaved black truffles for added decadence).This nineteen-seat space isn’t your ordinary tapas bar with its reverential service, frequent changes of silverware, and assorted other flourishes.As the chef personally delivers food to you and your date, there’s the impression that you are in elite company.401 East 76th Street, New York, NY 10021 212-249-2700 This three-tiered space reflects the demeanor of a proper countryside pub, housing a spacious wine-and-beer bar, a sky-lit exposed-brick communal hall (overlooking a garden), and a full wood-paneled dining room.It’s rustic with a touch of rock and roll, antler-adorned mirrors hanging alongside a Sex Pistols poster.

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