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The type of foreigner I am talking about has probably been here at least a couple of years, works a decent job and has a partner they met in day-to-day circumstances. I think it’s useful first to tell you a little about the background of my relationship and our personal circumstances so you can put things below into context.

The Thai partner will likely be university-educated and work an office job or similar. I am 29 years old and have been living in Thailand for the best part of four years.

A 7 hour journey from the Soi Dog shelter, Koh Samui is home to approximately 10,000 unsterilised dogs.

Soi Dog Foundation is now on the island, with a series of mobile spay/neuter clinics that will cover 7 districts and 39 villages.

Another busy and rainy week in Thailand as we slowly start to transition out of the rainy season and into glorious winter — temperatures are expected to reach a chilly 11-16°C on the peak of Doi Inthanon this week!

Other news includes the fact that the i Phone 8 and 8 Plus are due to be released in the Land of Smiles on 3 November and — slightly more macabre — a 24-year old Thai man confessed to killing his elderly neighbour and attempting to eat his liver after taking yaba. The latest real-life soap opera to grace our computer screens in Thailand this month is the strife of Boonchuay Moontham, a 32-year old who was persuaded to propose to his girlfriend, Arisa Yodsutham, after three weeks.

With this in mind and without wanting to tread on too much old ground I want to look at how relationships between foreigners in their 20s and 30s with Thai partners work in terms of money.

I’m going to use real facts and figures from my own relationship to show you how things work money-wise with my partner Nook.

This is a long way from the Krabi most of us are familiar with: alcohol restrictions, modest clothing, sleepy homestays, rice fields and more.Another Thaivisa post here, exploring why a certain breed of expat feels the need to brag about — and possibly make up entirely — their past before they moved to Thailand.We all know a few people like this, usually spouting off from their bar stool about their dangerous life and accrued riches back at home.Includes exactly what you need, costs, where to go and expected time frames.We were surprised at the pretty quick turnaround times — just be prepared to fork out good money for photocopies of every single page of your passport!

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