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Hardeman had no direct knowledge and/or evidence of nay supervisor or manage, including the VAMC Director, specifically ordering VA employees to schedule appointments improperly or against VA policy. Hardeman said she was acting on behalf of other Temple V AMC employees when she contacted VA OIG, OSC, and the Temple VAMC Director's Office around May 2014 to report that the scheduling of appointments was not being done properly.

At the time of the impromptu investigation the evidence was not available due to it being secured in a location and wasn't available date of interview but the OIG investigator would have been provided hardcopy evidence up on his return to interview the other employees identified that had direct knowledge of scheduling.

The guidance given by management is to rephrase the approach we us when scheduling.

For example instead of asking the veteran "When would you like to be seen" we are to use phrases such as "I have appointments available on the 27th or "the next available is" to determine the desired date.

The VA OIG Special Agent Scott Jones, Criminal Investigations Division (CID) contacted me the first time on or about December 28, 2015 requesting to meet with me regarding the report filed with OSC back in 2014, I questioned the Agent regarding the timeliness being over 2 years and he said something to the fact that I don't know how we missed you on our radar and wanted to me with me as soon as possible.

Prior to the meeting on or about January 12, 2016 there was an offer to conduct a telephonic interview but the offer was declined the whole process seemed hurried. Throughout the investigative process I had concerns about the overall timeliness since the issues with the Desired Dates were raised as far back a 2012, how the investigation was handled and the questions asked during the interview process.

Many clerks are adhering to this practice in order to avoid pinpointing on the MCAR reports derived from management.

Although the Physician Assistant alleged that wait times were altered in the past so that supervisors could receive monetary bonuses and promotions, he offered no evidence to support his allegation.

Desired Date Training Memorandum 2011 also states "When scheduling according to the provider's text order and Veteran's preference, some appointments may be over 14 calendar days from the desired date, these appointments will appear on the MCAR/ACCESS LIST.

Even with this statement many clerks are still pressured to give further explanation or manipulate the desired date to reflect a positive MCAR report.

Once the desired date has been established, it must not be altered to reflect an appointment date the patient agrees to accept for lack of appointment availability on the desired date.

Are these practices considered to be "gaming strategies: as described in the Inappropriate Scheduling Practices Memorandum 2010: Our Veteran's and staff are heavily influenced by our scheduling capacity.

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