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Now you can really start to see the mechanics and how a whole marketing strategy can be built with good old fashioned blood, sweat, and tears. And this is a two-way street or it’s nothing at all.

Step 1 – Build Something You need something that other people with strong personal or corporate brands will want to attach themselves to. A relationship is mutually beneficial and your strongest guiding principle should be this: don’t think about what you can get, but what you can give.

I don’t think this story was some kind of planned marketing strategy, but all the mechanics of good marketing were there. If you build something worthwhile and build the relationships that follow, step #3 will just happen all by itself.

A lucky Las Vegas high school student landed a lovely as his date for prom after posting a video online asking top model Arianny Celeste to accompany him.

But to get to it we have to look at a few of the marketing gems in this story first.

This gives us the foundation we need to really understand the plan. First off, it doesn’t hurt to have a name like Connor Cordova. It’s catchy and it’s memorable because it has a ring to it.

And behind the scenes of this story is Connor Cordova’s website MMA Religion.Grown adults taking starstruck minors on a date that’s historically associated with rounding all the bases in a confined vehicular space?Nonetheless, it’s been a thing for more than 20 years now — at least, according to the information dug up by our crack research team (i.e., Google). “She didn’t have a date for the prom so I borrowed a suit and took her.And of course, it’s a technique often used by corporations to build brand names and catchy slogans.Think Coca-Cola, Intel inside, Marlboro man, and Rent-a-Wreck.

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