A commonsense guide to successful online dating thad luckinbill dating

” Then, go back and try to explain that message with actual words.

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” If your profile contains any of these phrases, it’s time to remove them. “Rather than saying ‘I’m fun,’ say something like, ‘My favorite role at a party? Turn-off #8: A long checklist of qualities you want to find in a mate We’re not saying that you shouldn’t have standards, but a mile-long list of soulmate must-haves in terms of height, hair color, religious beliefs, and other qualities will make even the most eligible online daters steer clear.

Below is our list of 10 things to edit out of your profile immediately: Turn-off #1: Anything that’s too self-complimentary It can be tempting to toot your own horn or stress you’re quite the catch to stand out from the crowd, but doing so will only convince people of one thing: your enormous ego.

“I’m always turned off by those people that put, ‘I’m hot,’ or ‘You won’t find a better date than me,’” says Jenn Andrlik of Omaha, NE.

The same goes for stipulations about whom you absolutely won’t date, i.e., “No one under five feet or over 200 pounds need apply!

” You may think you’re setting up a filter so that only the good prospects get through, but hostile statements like these tend to scare off people who do fit your criteria.

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