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Alameda Wetlands - Paseo del Norte trail - Montano bridge overlooks - Rio Grande Nature Center - Albuquerque Biological Park - Route 66 - Tingley Aquatic Park - Rio Grande Zoo - National Hispanic Cultural Center - South Valley - Rio Bravo loop The Bosque Trail is without a doubt the most popular recreational trail in Albuquerque.It is the backbone of the city bicycle trail system.Here is a photo of the email address I got when I clicked on Jeff's email address to see if it was really his. Darren __________________ Proud PCS Member Since 1993 1960 Cadillac S/S Victoria 3way Hearse 1960 Cadillac MM Futura Hearse 1962 Cadillac MM Landau Hearse 1962 Cadillac MM Futura Hearse 1973 Cadillac Superior 3way Hearse I got the same thing and knew it was a scam/spam email.

The bosque (roughly pronounced bose-kay) is a Spanish word meaning forest or park land.There is no better trail if you are a beginner because it is almost completely flat.More experienced riders still find it an enjoyable ride.There are entrances and exits every few miles along the trail.It runs along the Rio Grande from the northern edge of Albuquerque to deep in the South Valley.

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